Intro to Hand Tools (Seminar)

I will be participating in the Hamilton Woodworking Show this October. My sessions will revolve around hand tools. The sessions will be virtual and occur over the 2-day period of October 21,22 of 2023. I will provide an introduction to the various hand tools used in woodworking. Since I use hand tools extensively in my furniture making, the hand tools I use most will be introduced and discussed. It isn’t necessary to begin hand tool woodworking with a complete set of tools as I will describe. A few critical hand tools will get you going. After some exposure to hand tools, you can then determine other hand tools you need for the type of woodworking you create. Join me on Saturday, Sunday October 21, 22 from 10-11AM at the Hamilton Woodworking Show

Intro to Hand Tools

Furniture Society (Featured)

As a longtime member of the Furniture Society, I am honored to the featured member this week. The furniture Society revolves around a large group of furniture makers. The makers often contribute their time, expertise and knowledge to advance the artisanal furniture movement. The large membership consists of seasoned furniture maker and up and coming makers who share the same passion for furniture making and sharing their knowledge. You can view my work (portfolio) at the Furniture Society web site as well as portfolios of other furniture makers, some of which you might be familiar with.

In the Furniture Society own words…

“The Furni­ture Society is a nonprofit, educa­tional orga­ni­za­tion founded in 1996. The Furni­ture Society is the premier non-profit orga­ni­za­tion repre­sent­ing, promot­ing, and connect­ing furni­ture makers, design­ers, collec­tors, cura­tors, educa­tors and manu­fac­tur­ers from around the world.

Over­seen by a dedi­cated Board of Trustees and an Exec­u­tive Direc­tor, The Furni­ture Society works to realize its mission through educa­tional programs, publi­ca­tions, exhi­bi­tions and exhi­bi­tion support, recog­ni­tion of excel­lence in the field, program part­ner­ships, educa­tional grants, work­shop part­ner­ships, and annual confer­ences. With members from across the United States and Canada, as well as numer­ous other coun­tries, The Furni­ture Society repre­sents a broad cross-section of furni­ture makers, museum and gallery profes­sion­als, schol­ars, jour­nal­ists, and others involved with the field of furniture.”

To advance the art of furni­ture making by inspir­ing creativ­ity, promot­ing excel­lence and foster­ing an under­stand­ing of this art and its place in society.

Social Media Marketing

Do you find social media to be overwhelming? Do you want to explore how social media can increase your woodworking sales?  Norman Pirollo, successful owner of White Mountain Design, WoodSkills, Refined Edge Design and Pirollo Design; guides you through effectively using social media to market your woodworking business. Learn from a woodworker and furniture maker that successfully uses social media marketing in his business. Norman has discovered how social media can successfully drive and funnel clients to your business. This course will fast track your knowledge of social media specifically for woodworking and furniture making.

Norman shares his expertise in this information-packed 3 hour course.  You will gain the information necessary to begin marketing your woodworking business through social media. Leverage social media to increase exposure of your business and drive sales through your web site or where you market your woodworking products. Upon completion of the course, you can easily set up your social media platforms to begin marketing your woodworking to a much wider audience and specific woodworking related niches. Social media exposure is increasingly becoming a force in business marketing. Don’t be left out and give your competitors the upper hand. Embrace the power of social media in your business!

Social Media Course topics include:

Intro – Norman Pirollo
Course Introduction
Exposure & Validation
Course Overview
Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Linkedin Marketing
Instagram Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Boost Your Marketing Pt. 1
Boost Your Marketing Pt. 2

Information-packed 3 hour course ($40)
includes Start Your Own Woodworking Business (eBook, 130 pgs., $15)