New course! Start Your Own Woodworking Business

Start Your Own Woodworking Business Course

Over the winter and with time on my hands, I devoted a few weeks to developing a new course on Starting a Woodworking Business. I had a health scare, was sidelined for a while and this prompted me to hunker down and put into words my experience with starting woodworking businesses. The course is loosely based on my book with the same title. In today’s economy it is becoming more important to become self-sufficient, secure jobs are a thing of the past. I should know having been downsized 3 times. Woodworking is a growing field and we need more woodworkers to go into business and market their unique designs. It is the business side of woodworking that drove me to come up with new designs and higher quality work. In this course, I guide you through the process of starting and setting up your own woodworking business. I am sharing my 20 year expertise and knowledge in this course. I provide the necessary expertise and answers questions about starting your own woodworking business in this information packed course. 

Downloadable video lectures include all subjects pertaining to starting your own woodworking business. Each video lecture guides you through the learning process of starting a woodworking business. The Start Your Own Woodworking Business Course is derived from twenty years of woodworking and furniture making expertise in a business environment. 3 hours long. 23 lectures. Course can be downloaded or available on DVD. Available through WoodSkills