Norman Pirollo brings forward a unique form of contemporary styled furniture incorporating contemporary and modern elements. As designer, I acquired an education from contemporary artisans as well as a breadth of insight into both the visual and decorative arts.

Through an equal amount of patience, attention to detail and a keen sense of design, I create striking studio furniture incorporating unique, contemporary designs. Applying accumulated skills and expertise, I pursue the design process from preliminary sketches to CAD drawings to making. Furniture pieces can be designed and created individually or small batches (multiples) in a series.

Pirollo Design Console Table SeriesStudio furniture and fine art furniture take you far beyond the bounds of mass production

The highest quality and most dramatically figured woods are selected in my unique designs. Design, wood preparation and finishing are a large part of my work and I devote considerable time to these stages. My work has been featured in the following books and magazines:

Quiet Woodworking (New Art Press)
Hand Tool Woodworking (New Art Press)
Start Woodworking (New Art Press)
Craftisian Interview (Norman Pirollo)
HackSpace Magazine – Make With Wood  April 2020
Woodworking: From Design To Making (New Art Press)
WOODSKILLS Issue 01 (New Art Press)
WOODSKILLS Issue 02 (New Art Press)
The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood (New Art Press)
Rooted: Contemporary Studio Furniture (Schiffer)

From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey (NAP)
Studio Furniture: Today’s Leading Woodworkers (Schiffer)
Wood Art Today 2 – Schiffer Publishing
500 Cabinets – Lark Publishing
Fine Woodworking Magazine –
4 Bench Jigs for Handplanes
Fine Woodworking Magazine  – Essential Shopmade Jigs
Woodwork Magazine
Ottawa Life ( Profile, work) 2012
Ottawa Citizen
Panoram Italia
NICHE Magazine

I also author woodworking and furniture making courses at WoodSkills. The woodworking courses are developed to distribute knowledge and expertise acquired over the years. Most recently, I have authored “Quiet Woodworking: In An Unquiet World” along with “Start Your Own Woodworking Business“, “From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey“, “The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood“, “Woodworking: From Design To Making” available through WoodSkills. A design + build blog is maintained at The Refined Edge. I currently reside and operate a furniture design + build studio in Ottawa, Ontario.



Feature article + cover story by Norman Pirollo Make With Wood  HackSpace Magazine April 2020

Follow along my furniture designs and builds, techniques and processes at Instagram: @pirollodesign and @woodskillsmag