The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood

Norman Pirollo, wood artist at Pirollo Design, describes his exciting transition from furniture designer + maker to wood artist. The journey involved philosophical decisions about which type of work quenched his creative urges. The shift in direction also involved alternating between purely functional to non-functional, decorative work. Norman reveals how he transformed his designs from purely functional furniture to non-functional wood art where form is preeminent.

Norman also recounts his fifteen year creative journey where he would strive to seek creative outlets. Working as a multidisciplinary artist ultimately became his vocation. Follow the riveting story of how a furniture designer + maker evolved into a multidisciplinary artist including contemporary furniture, sculpture, wood art and photo art. The video below is a retrospective of some of his recent work. The evolution includes the introduction of curved elements and colored wood at different junctures.

Read how Norman, through determination and perseverance, finally attained his goal of becoming a wood artist. Delving into and studying art history has provided him the art language and background to develop his own art vision. Discover how he immersed himself into the contemporary art movement to develop a style and voice of his own. Find out how, through twists and turns, Norman acquired the skills and techniques to become an award-winning wood artist. The opportunity to work at something he truly enjoys has ultimately brought him solace and independence.

Norman maintains a blog of ongoing projects in his studio at: as well as having recently written and published four books. Books and magazines featuring the authors furniture, work methods and philosophy:

The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood (New Art Press)
From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey (New Art Press)
Start Your Own Woodworking Business (New Art Press)
ooted: Contemporary Studio Furniture (Schiffer Publishing)
IDS15 (Studio North)
IDS14 (Studio North)
Canadian Woodworking magazine Jan. 2015
Our Homes magazine Fall 2014 IDS14 (Studio North)
NICHE Magazine Winter 2013
Fine Woodworking magazine
Woodwork magazine
Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Books)
500 Cabinets ( Lark Books)
Studio Furniture: Today’s Leading Woodworkers (Schiffer Books)
Fine Woodworking Shopmade Jigs 2009 2012
Canadian Interiors Design Source Guide
Ottawa Life magazine
Panoram Italia magazine
Our Homes magazine
Craft Journal

215 Pages, Non-fiction, Softcover.
Digital version available ($15) at  WoodSkills
Print version of book $19 available directly through Amazon