Awards night…

So I attended the NFAL Members Juried Awards last evening and was pleasantly surprised to find out I won 2 awards. NFAL is a large, local arts organization with a long and established past. This was definitely my best Monday night in a while 🙂 As some of you are aware, I also create sculptural work and wood art in addition to my furniture making genre. My entry was a sculptural piece called “Eternal Flame”. The Awards ceremony was professionally done and very well attended. Every so often artists and artisans receive recognition for their work. I guess it was my turn last evening. I was sitting in the crowd and my name was called out for the first award.  While basking in the euphoria of receiving this I heard my name called again…. this time for the second award and accompanying cup.NFAL Awards









Contemporary wood art

Wow.. this doesn’t occur very often! Needless to say, I was flush with joy and don’t think I will ever forget this evening 🙂 These Awards are greatly appreciated to motivate and encourage us to move forward. NFAL ( Nepean Fine Arts League) is a great group of artists and the artwork at the exhibition is outstanding! Exhibition runs from May 24- June 26, 2013 at the Atrium Gallery & Centrepointe Theatre  Ottawa, Ont.  Please drop in if you’re in the area.