Try Square

This solid wood, traditional try square follows in the steps of furniture makers of past centuries. Wood try squares were a mainstay of traditional furniture making shops until early in the 20th century. Composed of a mahogany base and a straight-grained maple blade, this try square will provide years of precise measurements. The maple blade is designed to be trued if it loses its precise 90 degree adjustment relative to the stock. Wood try squares are easily adjusted by using a proven technique of flipping the try square along its axis along the edge of a board. Simply marking out and then running a handplane across either the top or bottom of the outside of the vertical blade and the precise 90 degree relationship between the stock and blade is restored.

The blade has an additional 5/16 inch of width to allow for truing in the future. The try square is always used with the inside edge of the stock as a reference and then using the outside edge of the blade to mark a perpendicular line to the stock. The end trims of the try square incorporate a unique makers curved profile with Roubo styling. Three brass pins ensure the connection between the stock and blade never works loose.

Try Square (Brass Pins)

The size of the try square has been optimized for most furniture marking applications. The mahogany stock is relatively thick at 5/8 inches to ensure it sits over the edge of a board correctly. A maker’s mark is applied to every try square. Oiled finish.

Mahogany stock length, width – 7 inches, 1 7/8 inches
Mahogany stock thickness – 5/8 inches
Maple blade length, width – 9.5 inches, 1.75 inches
Maple blade thickness – 3/16 inches