The semiannual woodworking magazine for the discerning, fine woodworking enthusiast. Digital magazine, also available in print. There is a small amount of curated advertising in the magazine consisting of products or services that fit with the mission of magazine. Published twice a year, WOODSKILLS magazine issues consist primarily of content. This issue features the following furniture makers: Jacques Breau (Canada), Alexandra Climent (NYC) and Philip Morley (Texas). Articles on the following subjects included in each issue.

Woodworker and Furniture Designer Profiles
Workshop Setups & Best Practices
Hand Tool Techniques
Furniture Design Gallery
Contemporary Furniture Design
Woodworking Tool Articles

WOODSKILLS Issue 01 Print Edition preview

Wayne Delyea Furniture Maker says “I bought the downloadable version of the magazine and I want to take time and let everyone know that I really liked it. Well written, informative, educational and thoughtful well executed photography made this well worth what I think is a very reasonable price. I Wish it was at least quarterly vs semiannual. Good job!”

Richard Garrow saysI received my copy yesterday and I must say it is very well written, very detailed, each story has a great content. The pictures look fantastic as well. I believe you going to publish this ones or twice a year is that correct? As look forward to your next issue.”

86 Pages (mostly content)
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WOODSKILLS Issue 01 $10 (Digital)

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