Downdraft Table Plan

This downdraft table plan offers the design of a combined downdraft and table saw outfeed table. This downdraft table also serves as a whole shop air cleaner if run periodically during the day when significant airborne dust accumulates in the shop. The downdraft table plan is designed to be an integral part of a table saw with dual miter gauge slots and a blade guard opening.

Downdraft Table Plan

An extension is attached to the downdraft table to provide greater capacity for ripping and to allow a factory blade guard to be used with the downdraft table. The table is easily separated from the table saw for maintenance. The downdraft table is also designed to be used as a powerful, effective whole shop air cleaner. A heavy-duty handle at the front enables the downdraft table to be moved for maintenance.

1. Over 30 detailed CAD drawings and illustrations included to build and use this downdraft table plan
2. Also included is a plan for an easy to build jig to drill precise, evenly spaced holes on the table top
3. Versatile downdraft table is a combination outfeed table, whole shop air cleaner and downdraft table.

Detailed photos and information, downdraft table plans, and over 30 detailed computer designed illustrations (CAD) on how to build this downdraft table are included when you purchase this plan. Also included, a detailed plan to build a small jig to create multiple accurately spaced holes on the table surface.

Downdraft Table Plan  $14