New table design…

Console table - cherry wood, black metal

Lately I have been developing a series of prototypes for a new console table design. I’ve been hashing out a few iterations of this and it’s been fun.  The criteria are for a minimalist table focusing  on colored metal components as well as solid wood components. Strength, rigidity and stability are criteria that I needed to work with while developing a clean, contemporary aesthetic. This console table design features interchangeable metal components to update the color if necessary. Designing the table so it can be updated also extends the longevity of the design… it is less likely to end up in a landfill in the future.

Of course, the metal color would need to complement the wood. Cherry is a warmer wood whereas maple provides a whiter look. More tables with alternative woods in process, mainly mahogany and dark walnut. The footprint of the console table or dimensions, adhere to average console table sizes. This console table design is perfectly suited alongside a sofa or along a wall as it takes up very little space. There is hardly any embellishment in this series aside form the natural woods and colored metal posts…. a style that appeals to me.