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Console Table wood and metal Console Table, Laminated top, solid wood, metal legs

Console Table metal and wood

The continuum of developing a new console table design progresses. Continuing with criteria such as compact size, updateable components, and contemporary styling… the latest design iteration has taken shape. This version has the table top available in different colors ranging from pastel tones to more primary colors.  Combining metal and wood are still the mainstay of the console table design which includes solid wood elements. Strength, rigidity and stability are criteria which have been met in this design. The contemporary aesthetic is greatly appealing to me and judging from initial feedback, is very good. The longevity of the table design can be extended by updating the table top. I am now also experimenting with various solid wood species to bring more variety to the wood elements of the table.  I plan to present these new console tables at the upcoming IDS14 Interior Design Show late in January.