Kumiko Cabinet

Maple display cabinet with inset Kumiko panels in doors. Black Limba drawers and stand. Spalted maple drawer pulls. Solid brass knife hinges. The cabinet has a large component of hand work and fitting involved. The interior is partitioned into three drawers and a shelf to hold art objects, sculptures or objects of value. Doors have inset custom-fitted Kumiko panels with the asa-no-ha motif to create a unique aesthetic. Light enters and exits the cabinet. Interior is artificially illuminated. The interior woods are light-colored to accentuate art and decorative objects. Surfaces are hand scraped and formed. The drawers are assembled using dovetail joinery. Meticulous attention provided to detail and finishing. The wood is its natural color. Finished with multiple coats of thinned shellac, polished and waxed.

50in. H, 18 in. W, 12 in. D