Woodworking Course

The WoodSkills Woodworking Course will dramatically improve your woodworking and furniture making skills. The course is based on skills developed and used in a fully functioning furniture making studio. Learn from an expert in woodworking. Norman Pirollo has been woodworking for over 25 years, his work published in magazines and books and established four woodworking businesses. Norman has also written and published the From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey book, chronicling his exciting journey into woodworking.

The woodworking course features separate modules on these topics:

– how to select and prepare wood for use in your workshop
– how to design and set up a workshop to begin woodworking
– up to date information on workshop safety
– individual modules on handsaws, chisels, hand planes, routers, etc.
– learn different woodworking joints and how to create them
– learn to create handmade dovetails, mortising with hand and power tools
– how to work in a hybrid environment of hand and power tools
– how to use a jointer, thickness planer, router, tablesaw, bandsaw
– choosing and applying different finishes for your project
– introduction to veneering with veneering basics
– over 5 hours in total

– Online Woodworking Course can be Downloaded or available on DVD
– 34 video modules from wood selection, tools, joinery, veneering, finishing
– modules can be followed in any order and stopped or repeated at any time
– all 34 modules are included in single $29 price
– printable reference material included for each module
– Woodworking Fundamentals Certificate available upon completion

The video modules include step by step woodworking sequences. Each module guides you through the learning process to develop the skills you are seeking. The Woodworking Course is derived from 25 years of woodworking expertise.

For a limited time, receive WOODSKILLS Issue 01 & 02 (digital) $16 value with purchase of a class or course.

Jorge R. Perez of Flushing , NY says this about Woodworking Course
“It helped me improve my  woodworking skills considerably ”

Steve Vidal of Throop, Pennsylvania says this about Woodworking Course
“All woodworkers, novice or professional, will benefit from this course “

Bruce Holden of Cut Knife High School, Saskatchewan says
“Congratulations on an excellent woodworking course! I teach woodworking in a rural Saskatchewan high school and recommend your CD to all my students.”

James Cowell of Glendale, Utah says this about Woodworking Course
“I wanted to learn woodworking but didn’t know where to begin. The course helped me out”

34 video lectures available when you purchase the Woodworking Course. Purchase complete DVD with 34 HD 1280x720P High Resolution Video lectures for $34.00 or download it for $29.00

Woodworking Course $29 (Download)

Woodworking Course $34 (DVD)

Course Overview (short, lo-res) can be viewed below.

Norman maintains a blog of ongoing projects in his studio: Pirollo Design Blog as well as having written and published three books in the past year. Books, magazines where authors furniture, work methods and philosophy have been featured:

The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood (New Art Press)
From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey (New Art Press)

Start Your Own Woodworking Business (New Art Press)
Rooted: Contemporary Studio Furniture (Schiffer Publishing)
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