New Youtube channel…

I’ve been adding videos to my new YouTube Channel WoodSkills  for a few weeks now. Through the channel, I hope to convey my methods of work as well as enlightenment in the use of hand tools in woodworking. In the most recent series, I discuss the furniture design topic. This is a topic near and dear to me as I believe that good design is essential in a quality furniture piece. Good design also minimizes wasted resources and provides a furniture maker with essential feedback and pause when creating furniture. Loosely translated, the design process keeps the maker from rushing into a potentially flawed furniture design. The checks and balances give pause to the process as well as streamlining the build.

Other videos discuss hand planes, the shooting board and bench hooks. These are essential tools I use in my own workshop. Once familiar with these tools, your woodworking will arrive at the next level.

Feel free to subscribe to my channel WoodSkills as I will be posting at least one new video per week. These past two weeks are the exception as I have been travelling. An overdue vacation in the Rocky Mountains of Canada 🙂